Membership Benefits

Welcome to Chandos Lake!

As a cottage owner, you will be pleased to know your lake has a thriving cottage association, the Chandos Lake Property Owners Association, or CLPOA.
Since 1947 the volunteers that run the CLPOA have used the revenues from membership dues to:

  •  Maintain the marker buoy system identifing hazards on the lake
  •  Represent Chandos Lake cottagers’ interests by taking an active role in lake, municipal and township developments
  •  Liaise with Ministry of Natural Resources with regards to water levels, fish stocks, water quality etc.
  •  Publish the Annual Year Book distributed to each member
  •  Host an Annual Regatta on the August long weekend
  •  Host an Annual Corn and Wiener Roast on September long weekend
  •  Maintain an informative website at
  •  CLPOA eNews is sent out at least monthly to inform you of weather events or issues that  affect Chandos Lake.
  •  Support Chandos Lake Sailing races and many other clubs.

By keeping our membership numbers high we are able to keep our annual fees low. 

If you have any questions, please Send me an email

Your support of the Chandos Lake Property Owners Association is important as it helps to ensure a vibrant cottage experience on Chandos Lake.
Best regards,
CLPOA Membership Co-Chairs

Thank you for joining the Chandos Lake Property Owners Association!

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