Stand Up Paddle Board


Hello fellow cottagers!  Enjoy a morning  STAND UP PADDLE with your lake neighbours.  

Last summer a few ladies met up in West Bay with the help of the Chandos Lake Facebook Page and enjoyed a morning paddle  and apres coffee together.  Our community on the lake is so amazing, so wouldn’t it be great to encourage those who love to paddle or who are new to the sport to meet up and enjoy it together. Logistically to meet in one spot on the lake is not ideal, so perhaps forming smaller units throughout our large lake makes more sense.  

I encourage you to contact your neighbours, follow the Facebook group  and reach out to your fellow cottagers to see who would like to get together for a morning social paddle or workout. 


We often have company on the weekends or just want a slower morning  at the cottage but when the timing works for you …head out on the water  at 10am on Saturday mornings  starting July 1st

SAFETY FIRST - Be sure to tell someone at home your potential route and always wear a PFD, bring a whistle and have a tow line separate to your ankle leash ( Please review Transport Canada’s rules for water safety

As the summer unfolds , please feel free to contact myself at or 905-699-9946.  Let me know your location on the lake and your interests. 

I would be more than happy to organise an event if we have a good turnout on the lake.  

Take some photos, send them my way and keep the communication flowing 

I am Elaine Bowers located in Prouty’s Bay.


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