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Chandos Lake Property Owners Association ( CLPOA ) provides many services. The following is a current overview ofCLPOA activities:

Manage the Lake Marker System

Each year, the CLPOA covers the cost of placing and removing the growing number of yellow marker buoys.

Coordinate Annual Events

Two major annual events require the coordination of many individuals: The Regatta and Corn & Wiener roast. These are high impact events and would never occur without the dedication of the volunteers and the CLPOA Executive.


Each year, the association is asked to support various activities and community organisations. 

Annual Yearbook

The CLPOA Yearbook Editors, spend many hours creating one of the finest lake association yearbooks in Ontario, however, it is not a one person task. The Editors require the cottage community to submit articles and pictures and, thanks to advertising, the yearbook is printed and distributed without additional cost to the membership, thus keeping association fees to a minimum.


Throughout the summer and winter months CLPOA sends out regular emails keeping our members in touch with what is happening on and around Chandos Lake.  Click here to join the free friends and family email distribution group.

Work to ensure good representation on Council

In the last North Kawartha municipal election, Chandos cottagers assisted in the election campaign and related election tasks.

Operate a Comprehensive Water Testing Program

King Baker, the Lake Steward, and a group of cottagers spend time each summer gathering valuable data. Their activities include:

  • taking water samples to establish phosphorous (water quality) levels,
  • measuring secchi disc depths (water clarity readings) to assist in the analysis of water quality,
  • taking water samples to establish levels of ecoli and coliform
  • taking water samples to analyze for the presence of foreign species, i.e. zebra mussels, spiny water flea.

(Work is done in coordination with the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters and the Invading Species Program)
Recently, the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) indicated that Chandos is one of the most active lakes in Ontario: re - testing for phosphorous, and taking secchi disc readings.

Listen to and Act on Cottager Concerns

Issues often emerge which require CLPOA involvement. Several members identified the need for a speed limit in Gilmour Bay Narrows. The CLPOA approached North Kawartha Council about the concern and, with CLPOA support, Council successfully petitioned the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans to establish a 10 km speed limit (safety zone) for Gilmour Bay Narrows.

Provincial Representation

Cottagers on Chandos Lake enjoy representation at the provincial level, via CLPOA membership in the Federation of Ontario Cottage Association (FOCA).

Work with the MNR Steward-ship Council to Organize Environmental Workshops (Lakeland Conferences)

It is essential that the CLPOA Executive be kept well informed about environmental issues that might have an impact on cottage life. Each year, we attend or assist with a Lakeland Conference which focuses on lakes and related eco-systems. 

The CLPOA is working for you!

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